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Payment - Bella Maria accepts payment in the forms of Credit Card, Cash, and Gift Certificate. Bella Maria does not accept the use of checks via our website. Checks may only be used upon prior authorization by a manager at Bella Maria. Bella Maria reserves the right to reject any form of payment at our discretion and will not be held liable for any damages that may result from such actions.

Order - Bella Maria accepts transactions from the internet to provide a convenience to our customers. However, Bella Maria is not responsible for any damages due to a failure of our site to operate properly. We make no assurance that our site will be in use at all times. Bella Maria at its own discretion may choose to close site or reject any order that comes through the site if they deem it necessary.

Refund - Bella Maria does not issue refunds. In the instance that a dish is improperly prepared a replacement may be provided to you at a manager's discretion. The only instance that a refund may be provided to you is in the case that you were charged for a menu item that was not received or ordered.


Bella Maria is dedicated to shielding the privacy of the personal information you provide us so that we may better serve your needs. The following will give details on how your personal information will be used as you enjoy the use of our Website. Bella Maria does not store any credit or debit card information on our websites database to help insure the safety of this information. Such information that is provided to us via our website is securely processed through Authorize.Net, a secured internet payment processor. Personal information provided to us such as your Name, Address, Telephone Number, or Surveys that you may fill out are solely for use by Bella Maria, and those involved in upkeep and maintenance of our website. Your personal information will not be made available to other businesses that are not directly necessary to Bella Maria's ability to provide our services and advertise special promotions to you, our customer.

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