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WiseGuys Pizzeria is the vision of one of two brothers, Marius Taricic. Marius and his brother, Tiberiju (Tibi), were born in Yugoslavia, and came to the United States with their parents for a brighter and more promising future. Just before embarking on their journey, the boys posed for a family photograph in front of their grandparents farmhouse.

The year was 1969, Marius was 4 years old and his brother was 6 when they stood in front of the brick wall dressed in matching outfits and both holding toy B-B Guns. Years later, the photo resurfaced, and according to the brothers, they looked like a pair of "WiseGuys." After becoming a cook in the army and working his way up through the ranks of the Ocala Hilton kitchen, Marius discovered he had a passion for pizza. He had a dream that "someday" he would own his own pizzeria and name it WiseGuys. He would use the photograph taken all those years ago as the logo for his restaurant.

As a surprise, Marius wife enlarged the family photograph, adhered it to a small chalkboard, and wrote the words "WiseGuys Pizzeria: Coming Soon". It would serve as a visual reminder for nearly ten years before the reality of that dream came true for Marius. In November 2010, the first WiseGuys Pizzeria was opened, and the photograph the two brothers had posed for 40 years earlier was indeed bringing with it, the brighter and more promising future his family had hoped for
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